Shane Rodems

I read the Thrifty Nickel front to back, religiously. I seem to pick one up every time I see one. I love to find the advertisements that have lost their meaning, either by leaving out words or using too many initials or acronyms. Sentences are simplified into a jargon and by doing this, they make little sense. The kink in this communication is where I find a muse. My imagination runs wild when I read “42 pipe take all or none best offer.” Is it 42 pipes? Is it 42 inches? Should I offer two thousand dollars or fifty?

I conjure an image of what these words could mean, and I make something in my head that relates to the words.I use common items like duct tape and house paint to pay tribute to the “slightly used” feeling of the want ads. The objects I make are placed over photographs to skew the line between what is physically real and what is an image. I want the work to mimic the confusion of language itself.